The US Relation to Islamic Terrorism & War

After the second world war, the United States is the only country Lost more than 1,00,000 Military life to fight the ideology of others rather an actual threat to the US . The 58 thousand Life in the Vietnam war to fight communist ideology didn’t make the USA a safer place, Nor The repeated Arab invasion from 90s d gave US  unlimited access to Arab Oils. So why send young patriotic American Soldiers to fight ideological war what cannot be won by Guns. The native never saw any foreign Forces in a friendly manner. War didn’t win by machines its the heart of men win the war. 

The Rise of Islamic State

Its the Iraqi Saddam loyalist Branded themselves as Islamic Army for their personal revenge towards the USA. This nasty ideology then became popular toward ignorant Muslims around the world, who thought Killing non-Muslim is establishing Islam. Iraq invasion, then  Iraq regional tension became global and created a Global Muslim sympathy for ISS .

Purely Islam prohibited any kind of violence in the religious ground. US policy created  ISS what is truly the Enemy of Islam. ISS tried to change & manipulate the Islamic religious lesson / Rule for their own political gain. They are Insult to the glorious past of Islamic Khalifate. In  Islamic law, they will face Capital punishment for Using religion for their Political gain, what insulted the guidance of the prophet and Rule of God. 

The US Failed Policy

US presence in the Arab world is not the solution of  ISS or Islamic Extremism around the world. The failed Foreign policy of USA, wasting trillion taxpayers money and Young American life will not eradicate ISS from the Globe. US presence will feed the extremist group to recruit more.

The Iraq and Afghanistan invasion was poorly planned what damaged US image to the Muslim world. If the US leaves suddenly from Arab, A sudden vacuum of power will destabilize the current situation. The regional Power like Turkey, Saudi Arabi has played a Vital role in the transformation of that destroyed nation. The US can keep eyes on those political process from distance but not showing Guns and Tanks. It was a wise move of Trump to call a soldier home. But He must not Forget, what the US has done to those nations.

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