Samsung Phone

Samsung is the most popular phone in Bangladesh. They are not only good looking and high-quality, but they also have a wide range of features for everyone’s needs. Samsung phones are available in all price ranges so you can find one that suits your budget!
Samsung prices in Bangladesh vary depending on which model you buy, what brand it is, and where you purchase it from. The average cost of a Samsung phone starts at around 20 thousand taka, or about 220 USD. The more expensive models start at around 30 thousand taka or 340 USD!

The Samsung phone is one of the most popular phones in Bangladesh. It has an excellent camera, RAM and storage space which makes it stand out from other brands. With a sleek design that’s easy to hold, you’ll love using this smartphone every day!

Do you know how much a Samsung phone in Bangladesh costs? If not, don’t worry. This blog post will provide you with all of the information that you need to know about how much a Samsung Galaxy S8 or any other model would cost in Bangladesh.

Samsung phones are not only popular in Bangladesh, but all over the world. What is the price of a Samsung Galaxy S7? This blog post will answer that question and more.
You might be wondering how much it costs to buy a new smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S7. The prices can vary depending on where you live, which carrier you use, and other factors. To find out what the price is for your location, please check out our table below with prices for several different countries around the world!

Samsung phones are one of the leading brands in Bangladesh. The price range for these devices starts from BDT 30,000 to BDT 50,000 depending on the model and brand. Samsung offers a wide variety of smartphones with different features on offer. Whether you want a budget device or an expensive flagship phone, there is something for everyone. With Samsung Galaxy A6+ being released recently, it is only fair that we mention its price as well! For those who can’t wait to find out how much this new device costs, here’s your answer- BDT 45,000!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great phone with many features and capabilities. The price of the phone in Bangladesh is Tk. 24,000 to Tk. 26,000 which varies by vendor and retailer. This article will give you information on what the different prices for this smartphone are as well as why the prices vary depending on where it’s purchased from.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been released in Bangladesh recently but there are few vendors who sell this phone at a cheaper price than others because they have imported it illegally from China or Dubai without paying customs duty and taxes. So if you want to buy this new release then make sure you do your research before buying it online so that you know exactly which website to purchase from!