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bdnewsnet.com and bdnewsnet.com.bd Is an Online Newspaper Published From Motijheel C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its Publishing name is ” Business Defense News Network” We started our journey in 2016 in Bangladesh as an Online Newspaper & Investigative weekly. This page discusses The Term of service, Copyright policy, Contact method, Privacy policy, Journalistic Ethics & Confidentiality of any Identified or Anonymous News Source

Motijheel C/A . Dhaka , Bangladesh .

Legal Disclaimer

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bdnewsnet.com and bdnewsnet.com.bd is an independent News organization, we gather, formulate and distribute information to users & organizations. The opinion,views and information shared by the Organization is protected by the United Nations ” Universal Declaration of Human Rights ” Article 19 & Article 39 of The Constitution of Bangladesh . bdnewsnet.com is not bound to share the Identity of the source of information to any person or organization without Legal Authority.

Dhaka , Bangladesh – Taken By Selim Azad

Ownership Status

bdnewsnet.com previous Publisher was Based on the United States named ” Business Defense News Network” . From 2016 bdnewsnet.com became a mass media entity of Bangladesh Based, Tech Firm Bizarre Corporate Inc . bdnewsnet.com Now operate Independently. Its do not have any affiliation and business interest with the previous Publisher.

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bdnewsnet.com.bd may Use, Share and Modify Media from the Internet or social media what have no declaration of Copyright Notice in visible or Metadata format. In some case, We may use & share copyrighted work without permission in certain circumstances to report News, criticism & commentary in Fair Uses Policy with credit.

bdnewsnet.com.bd may use any content shared Publicly in Social Network like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, without the consent of the owner as it fall Into Public Domain. Under Public domain what grants a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensee, royalty-free, and worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of any person or organization.

bdnewsnet.com.bd will be not responsible if any third party violate the privacy policy and republish it in Public Domain. In case of violation of privacy, Interested party can Inform us about the Content.

The logo of bdnewsnet.com is a copyrighted Trademark. Any manipulation, recreation and modified use of the logo will face critical and legal action from the Bangladesh News network. But sharing the logo for an academic and non-commercial purpose is allowed.

If Any media and Text published in bdnewsnet.com violate copyright by mistakes or Copyright infringement of the third party. The copyright holder may request us to review our content, the copyright holder have to verify the copyright claims and status.